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Looking to do this as a career?
We've got you covered.

At Moyock Fire Department we pride ourselves on preparing many of our volunteers to transition into paid positions elsewhere. 

Something inside you stands out from those around you. It's something that we at Moyock Fire Department can use to serve the citizens around us. Volunteering isn't for everyone. But if you would like to stand out from your peers and give back to the community this may be your calling.  

The First step in applying is to print and fill out the application found HERE.

Forward the application via email to and our Secretary will contact you to set up an interview.


The candidate must attend the next up-and-coming business meeting for a first reading.


Show up around the building in the 30 days.  Try to learn as much as you can.​

After 30 days the candidate will receive a 2nd reading at the business meeting which they will be voted yay or nay by the general membership.

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