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What are the benefits of joining the Moyock Volunteer Fire Department?

Moyock Fire Department works hard to ensure all of our members receive benefits for the copious amounts of time they invest.  Here are a few of the benefits we offer:

  • Uniforms

    • T-Shirts​

    • Jackets

    • Turnout Gear

    • Dress Uniforms

  • Volunteer Pension

    • Currently $170 per month after eligibility.​

  • Workman's Compensation Coverage

  • Sense of Purpose

  • Building Blocks for Your Career

    • Fire Departments

    • Emergency Medical Services

    • Law Enforcement

    • Armed Forces

    • Business 

  • Training

    • In House​

    • National Training Opportunities

  • Being a part of something bigger.

  • Life Insurance

  • Line of Duty Death Benefits

  • Education Benefits

    • Scholarships​

  • Access to the First Responder Assistance Program

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