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Moyock Fire Department was chartered in 1961 by a group of local farmers and businessmen who saw a growing need for fire protection in the rural area.  That later incorporated a volunteer rescue squad as well.  

Over the years Moyock has bloomed into a mini-metropolis and continues to grow daily.  With homes being built at an unprecedented rate and a vast "mega-site" project planned for the area, the need for volunteers is ever-rising.  

Moyock proudly offers an ISO rating of 5E/9s for the citizens of Currituck County.  This means that homeowner's insurance rates are much cheaper due to the high level of protection we provide.

Here at Moyock, we pride ourselves on being one of the first volunteer departments to offer a full-fledged Firefighter Academy. This is something that continues to this day with the newest batch of recruits graduating this coming June.  

Moyock Fire Department has also proven time and time again that the training earned here is the gateway into your career.  Members from Moyock are quickly scooped up by surrounding fire departments, EMS agencies, Law Enforcement, and even the United States Military.

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